Presidential Decree No. 1876
July 21, 1983
Repealing Presidential Decree No. 1498 Otherwise Known As The National Security Code
Presidential Decree No. 1875
July 21, 1983
Repealing Presidential Decree No. 1737, Otherwise Known As An Act Providing For The Preservation Of Public Order And The Protection Of Individual Rights And Liberties During Periods Of Emergency And Exercise Of Extra-Ordinary Executive Powers
Presidential Decree No. 1866
June 29, 1983
Codifying The Laws On Illegal/unlawful Possession, Manufacture, Dealing In, Acquisition Or Disposition, Of Firearms, Ammunition Or Explosives Or Instruments Used In The Manufacture Of Firearms, Ammunition Or Explosives, And Imposing Stiffer Penalties For Certain Violations Thereof And For Relevant Purposes
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